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3 Things To Seriously Consider When Planning For An Epic Night Out.

3 Things To Seriously Consider When Planning For An Epic Night Out.

We’ve all been there, it’s 10am on Saturday morning and you have full intentions on staying in and waking up the next morning feeling and smelling fresher than Cotton Fresh Febreze.

The plan is to kick your feet back and catch up on some highly anticipated movies on Netflix and a casual delivery from Just-eat.

Then you get THE phone call.  That one friend that can sell ice to an Eskimo hits you with the greatest sales pitch mankind has ever heard, to which you buy into, of course.

In fact, your friend is that much of a professional that they get your excitement levels so high with no single detail in sight.

Now all over sudden, the outlook of the day changes.

you didnt come this far

You are now faced with turning this dream into reality.

What kind of night are you looking to have? What do you wear? Where are you going to go? What type of drinks do they serve? All of which, needs to quickly be planned before the night kicks off.


Guy on scooter


The last thing you want after being sold the dream is to end up not being able to get into the clubs you wanted to get into and settling for something less than, or even worse, end up sat in the back of a taxi gazing outside the window at what could have been whilst the taxi driver shares his life story with one of your ears and then straight out the other.


No one wants to be that person. And that’s why we’ve put together the top 3 things you should consider when planning a night out to make sure the reality lives up to the dream that was sold to you on THE phone call.


1) Figure out what type of night you are looking for.

There is nothing worse than turning up to a club dressed and feeling like James Bond, (or Jane Bond, we just made her up because we’re not leaving anyone behind) and you realize everyone else pretty much rolled in from a day sesh that started at 2pm.

All over sudden you feel like you need a needle to deflate yourself.

Now we’re not exactly advocates of blending in but sticking out like a sore thumb in this kind of situation is one to avoid.


2) Set a budget.

Remember that feeling of waking up after a night out and absolutely dreading to log into your online banking in fear of seeing the serious damage you have done to your bank account?.... yeah well, there’s a way to avoid it.

Once you decide what type of night you want to have, set a budget on how much "living your best life" will cost you that night. 

Once you have decided the amount,

*Drum roll please*

Are you ready for this rocket science?

Have a separate account you can send money to and spend to your heart's content. This a simple, quick, easy but highly effective way of capping your spend!

That way, you wake up with a smile as oppose to a heart rate of 300 BPM wondering whether you decided to cover the bar managers’ salary in one night.


3) Know what type of music you are after.

Katie Perry won’t be sounding too great if you’ve got your heart set on some new school RnB & Hiphop. Similarly, Drake won’t do justice when you’re ready for some deep house music. So knowing the type of music you are after will determine the club you what to end up in.


Some quick online research should reveal your ideal clubs.

Follow these 3 points and you’ll be well on your way to having an epic night out.



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I love socialising with people with great energy, especially in a bar that’s great to be in and to look at over a Sazerac cocktail (comes highly recommended!). I enjoy concerts, physical fitness, great food and spending time with people close to me.



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