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The Good Old Days of being a Student - and the Night Outs  (Part 1)

The Good Old Days of being a Student - and the Night Outs (Part 1)

To be very honest, as a 20 year old starting university in 2010, I never thought the day would actually come when I would be reminiscing about being a student ?. I foolishly just thought it was going to last forever. Being a student was great: not having to wake up early, skyving lectures, not having to pay council tax, hiding from the TV license man, the list is endless!

First Year Doesn't Count

I had flunked my A levels the previous year which then meant I had to take a year out and redo some Physics modules. In the end I was able to get "just about" enough grade to secure a spot at Hull University. Yes, I know. Hull...

Hull was actually great, I already had friends who were already there studying. At the time of my starting, they were going into their second year(I took a year out remember). So, luckily for me, I hit the ground running, I was no fresher and didn't bother living in the halls. I was on Newland Avenue (Any Hull alumni will tell you this is where all the dope house parties went down).  I lived with  5 other guys: Dumi (who I co-founded IVII with), Nemo, Wesley, Mo, Ehab. Our house was actually state of the art at the time for students. We had an American style fridge, flat screen 32 inch (this was 2010, flat screens were a big deal!), double bedrooms and in my room I had a dope Sony 5.1 surround sound! We were on number 127, Grafton street.

Are you going Poz?

Pozitions in Hull was the go-to spot then and depending on what time of the financial year, we would hit Revolutions prior, for a few drinks or two. By the way, a student's financial year was when the loan dropped: if you know you know?. The night would typically start with a trip to the gym to get a pump. Me and my housemates would cram into my little mazda 323 and head to the gym. Thereafter, we'd head back home and have it out on Fifa. Nemo was our in house Fifa specialist - unbeatable, at least by any of us! Sainsbury's basic vodka was the finest thing we drank then or if we were feeling affluent, Smirnoff's Vodka. I personally have no idea how the students of today afford all the fancy clothes (Philipp Plein, Balenciaga et al.) and the Cirocs/Grey Goose. In my time, Primark was my go to spot and the only time I saw Ciroc was on Youtube. I'd never ever heard of Belvedere or Grey Goose ??.

I was always the last to get ready, and a repercussion of that is me having to down that nasty "Sainsbury's basic vodka" straight and consequently, by the time I got to Pozition, I was several layers into f$$ckedworld. We for some reason always got VIP entry into Pozition. Wesley, my housemate then, somehow managed to blag the head bouncer (Big Mike) into believing he was once at Chlesea's football academy - "I hit a career ending injury and ended up having to come to Hull to study sports science. Chelsea are actually the one paying for my uni fees and accomodation" ?? but Mike bought it!

Pozition was a great night out, it had a good mixture of student and locals. The drinks were reaosnably priced (not that we bought  many) and the music was great (cue Trey Songz: Say Aah). It had 4 floors, so if you were feeling a little bored, you could opt for a change. One of the best spots in the club was the smoking area; usually filled with non-smokers looking to strike a conversation without all the loud music blaring out. 

Sadly on one of my latest trips to Hull, it had been shut down!  I might drop a sequel to this blog about all the funny stories that occured in Poz and beyond, believe me there are tons of it! Some of the subjects in these stories are now married with kids so I'll have to blurr them out a bit, but yeah, great times!

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Tyson Arishekola

I enjoy a good nightout and visiting nice bars. My main interests are german automobiles, football and bodybuilding. When I am not writting for IVII, you might catch me playing crazy golf somewhere. Still yet to find a challenger!



  • Mr Oga
    1 year ago

    Fascinating story! Reminiscing on our past enables us to hope for a brighter tomorrow!

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