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IVII is an online guestlist platform. IVII allows you to efficiently collate names and details of your guests ready for your event/night.

Stop manually collecting guestlists.
Say goodbye to "DM for Guestlistsđź“©"

IVII does the heavy lifting, when it comes to collecting details for your guestlists. Our system makes it easy for your guests to conveniently add themselves to the guestlist for your event. This enables you to channel your reseource away from manually collating lists on excel and designate them to more important tasks.

Are you still using a paper clipboard to check your guests in? IVII has a built in guest checkin feature to allow you check your guests in efficiently.

With every sign up to your guestlist, IVII will send an email to your guest on your behalf. This email can be tailored to market offers and deals to your guests such as drink offers, table reservations, bottle deals etc.

Get realtime analytics on your venue. IVII will graphically inform you in real time how many guests have been checked in, demographics of your guests and so on. Log in from anywhere to check the status of your night.

Built in email marketting platform
Increase footfall and guests retention with email marketing

Entrusting IVII with your guestlist gives you the added bonus of harvesting GDPR complaint data from your guests. Our built in email marketing platform lets you target customers - deliver your messages straight to their inbox đź“©

IVII guarantees the integrity of the data provided. With a conventional 'DM us for guestlist' system, or "contact us form", users are more than likely to provide incorrect information. IVII's user verification system ensures each user is unique and info provided are verified.

Looking to promote a weekday student night? No problems. IVII will help you identify which of your past guests are students. Organising an event designed around full time professionals? Looking to target Over 21-s? Our built in email templates will guide you through composing the perfect message to get that footfall your desire!

Got an existing list? No problem. IVII will integrate your existing mailing list seamlessly. Get insight and analytics on your email campaigns. Track clicks, opens and actions on your emails. You can link your emails to your scheduled night to drive more people through to your venue.

Monitor the performance of your venue over time
IVII gives you a report style insight into your nightlife business

IVII gives the insight into the performance of your venue over time. Using simple metrics, rate of growth can be monitored giving you the data to make better informed judgements such as staffing, resource and advertising.

E-mail reports to stakeholders to keep them informed with respect to performance and progress.

IVII also comes with a PCI compliant payment gateway solution. Need to charge your guests in advance for entry fees? This can be done at the touch of a button. Pay zero percent transaction fees, we simply pass on the transaction fees to your guests.

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